Thursday, July 30, 2009

Under Da Sea! (Little Mermaid)

I love finding the character the customer wants in toys. Especially for very young kids. They love having a cake and a toy to play with afterward. I found this paddle ball and yo-yo at The Dollar Tree! The airbrush really makes it look like it's under the water, and the sea weed and coral made from buttercream add an under the sea look too. I added clear sugar sprinkles all over to make the water shine.

Italian Cream Cake

This was my first italian cream cake. I had no idea that it took so many ingredients! I made myself a sample cake to try and it was really moist and had nice flavor. I think next time I'll half the recipe because the cake was HUGE! I couldn't fit it in a regular cake box. This customer really got their money's worth. Mrs. Alice said this was the best italian cream cake she'd ever had! And this is her favorite kind of cake! I'll have to keep this recipe.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Cake Pans!

I have some great new cake pans that I just got today. They are the shaped pans which include Barbie or Princess, Teddy Bear, American Flag, Motorcycle, Bunny Face, Snowman Face and Easter Eggs. The Barbie and Teddy Bear pans would be great for young kids birthdays and the Bear would be a really cute baby shower cake as well. The motorcycle would be good for a teenage boy or your husband! Just another option to think about!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pink and Brown Cake

Pink and brown is pretty for a 12 year old girl. I got this idea from a cake on The Pink Cake Box website. They did this design on a tiered cake. It is one of my favorite designs I've seen in a while. The cake is covered in buttercream and decorated with rolled buttercream. If I had a good digital camera the colors would have come out better in the pictures.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thanks a Bunch!

Special thanks to The Messenger and April Minkler for the recognition the past 2 weeks for my Ice Cream Churn Cake. Even though it didn't win overall, it means so much to have such support. Ya'll do such a great job at The Messenger...Keep it up!

Petit Fours

Petit fours are good for bridal and baby showers. It's best to freeze the cake before you cut them to make the edges more crisp. I was rushed with these and had to cut them fresh from the oven.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Deer Cake

I tried to paint the deer on gumpaste, which would look pretty much identical to what it does now. The whole thing cracked and fell apart 30 minutes before I was to deliver it. I had to use the print out from the computer and color it in. I felt so bad about it. It still looked ok and the customer liked it anyway. I'll have to practice using gumpaste a little more.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tinkerbell Cake

This was the very first cake I did at home. I was new to making buttercream, so it was a little dry. Plus, she had an invitation with this design on it and she wanted the cake to match. I was always good at drawing from a picture, but I hadn't done it with buttercream on a cake before. She kinda looks like Pamela Anderson a little bit! Since then, I've learned a lot. I don't do much drawing on cakes anymore, just because it takes so long. I didn't ever charge extra for it, but I've learned my lesson to charge for special requests.

Pirate Flag Cake

This was one of my first cakes to do at home. They wanted the skull and cross-bones pirate flag. It's a little messy with the airbrush, but I think it worked out ok. I'd like to try this one again sometime and make the skull out of fondant.

Red Tractor Cake

The customer's Dad loved his tractor so much, she had to have it put on his birthday cake. She brought me a picture of it, and I drew it out of buttercream. It took forever!

Beach Cake

Beach cakes are always fun for any age. They had some great stuff at Wally to put on this cake to really make it look good.

Bass Fishin

This one was a grooms cake for the first wedding cake I did. It's just airbrushed with a cute bass on it.

Rainforest Cake

This one is similar to the jungle cake. I used candy rocks and made a river. The customer had their own Madagascar figurines to put on this one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Rock N Roll Cake

I got lucky and found this cute guitar for this cake at FRED'S! I didn't have to do too much to the cake, just airbrush and sprinkles and a little rocknroll lettering.

Jungle Cake

This jungle cake was airbrushed on top with vines on the sides and cute monkeys and other animals all around.

Purple Swirl Cake

Ok. I found the picture of the whole cake, finally! This one was the base for a Hannah Montanna cake. I thought it was so pretty before I put the decorations on, so I took the picture without them. This would be a pretty cake for anyone done in any color. It would be pretty with flowers, or just like it is.

Git-R-Done Cake


Dirt Bike Cake

I found a cute dirt bike toy for this cake and airbrushed the top to look like part of a dirt bike track.

Little Bill Cake

This was my first shot at color flow. Even though it cracked, I was still able to piece it together enough to use on the cake.

Baby Booties Cake

This was a cute baby shower cake. I airbrushed the top around the edges to shade it in and give more color.

Peach Roses

Two-toned roses are always pretty.

Coconut with Daffodiles Cake

Another new buttercream flower for me. Daffodiles are tricky but pretty.

Coconut Cake with Violets

Experimenting with new buttercream flowers on this one. The violets are pretty on a lady's birthday cake.

Poker Chip Cake

This poker chip cake was a new adventure using rolled buttercream on the top. The colors did great, they were dark and bold like I wanted them. The rolled buttercream was a little difficult to work with because it is so soft and kinda oily. But I think it looks good anyway.

Duck and Frog Baby Shower Cake

This cake was so fun to make. I made the ducks and frogs out of gum paste, the icing was buttercream with rolled buttercream dots, and the topper was made out of royal icing. After making the figures with gum paste, I learned that they would look better making them out of fondant. But it turned out cute anyway!

Wedding Cake 2

The second wedding cake was much easier. I have learned more about stacking and using ribbon. The flowers that the bride gave me were beautiful! It was white cake with buttercream icing.

First Wedding Cake

This was my first attempt at doing a wedding cake. And of course, it was a MONSTER! I had never stacked a cake, used ribbons, or real flowers on a cake before so I was suprised that it all came together in the end. I've learned a lot since then !

Monday, July 20, 2009

Old Fashioned Ice Cream Churn Cake

This cake was made for the Sewanee Fourth of July Cake Contest this year. I won first place in presentation and second in theme. It is completely edible. The whole thing is a carved cake covered with fondant. The bucket is made of gum paste. The "stain" is icing color gel mixed with vodka. The silver top is made of rice krispie treats and coverd with fondant that is painted with silver lustre dust. There is fake "ice" in the bucket that I bought at Wal-mart. Even the ice cream is fake! Made from buttercream icing with a lot of powdered sugar to make it stiff. The peaches are made out of colored fondant. It took all week to get all of the pieces done. We figured I spent about 25 hours working on it.