Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spongebob Cake

Spongebob Square Pants!  His mother just had a little baby girl, and she wanted a special cake made just for him.  

Dora the Explorer Flower and Butterfly Cake

I love this cake.  It is so girly and pretty.  I just made the tops of the tiers to look like big pink flowers to match the butterfly Dora cake topper.  This was marble cake too.

One Direction Cake

This cake is for the sister of the puppy cake.  They had their party together and she loves One Direction.  I cut out their logo and added stripes, polka dots, and stars.  It has a banner with the group's names on it.  It was marble cake as well.

Polka Dot Puppies Cake

I made this cake for our Cousin's daughter.  She loves puppies, so it has cute purple polka dot puppies and hearts on  top.  It was marble cake inside.  

My Anniversary Flowers

I just wanted to share the beautiful flowers my husband sent me on our 9th anniversary this year.  He is so sweet and thoughtful; I cried just a little ; )

Toy Story Cow Print Cake

I made this Toy Story themed cake for a lady at work.  Her little boy was turning 1 and loves Toy Story.  She had her own toys to put on top.  I also made her a smash cake to match.  This has chocolate cow print on top, and a chocolate fence around the bottom.   It was yellow cake inside.

25th Birthday Cake with Stars

This is a great cake for a guy.  Not too frilly.  Can be done for a girl as well.  Simple sheet cake.  I think this one was chocolate cake.