Thursday, February 17, 2011

50th Birthday Cake with Fresh Red Roses

My husband made these beautiful cutting boards.

I helped my friend give her step-mother a wine and cheese 50th birthday party.  I made the cake, the nuts, and helped with flower arranging and set-up. 

My husband, Joshua, made the beautiful cutting boards that the cheese is displayed on.  He is really talented.  Check out his blog .

The cake is white velvet (my new favorite) with fresh strawberry filling and citrus buttercream.  There are beautiful red roses arranged on top with thin sparkle candles.  The nuts are Union Station Bar Nuts deliciously made with brown sugar and rosemary.  There were fruit skewers, 3 types of cheese and crackers, hummus with pita chips, Bruschetta with Panetini, chocolate covered cherries, and of  It was a beautiful party and everyone had a great time.

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  1. love the roses on the cakes!!! Wow the cutting boards! He really has a talent for that. You know you should have him put some in the Bluff Park Art Show. I saw there was a wood carver last year that had different thing like for a school class room (clipboards etc) I bet if you guys did a line for the kitchen (cutting boards etc) it would be a hit!!!! WOuld it be possible to order one for mom for Christmas???? :)