Sunday, August 23, 2009

Topsy Turvy Cake

I've been wanting to make a topsy turvy cake for a long time. So I just made one for myself this weekend. It's a very interesting process and was a ton of fun to make. Usually the first time I do something new, it turns out to be a total disaster. But I had no trouble with this one. Even the fondant turned out nice on the cake. It's just the second time I've tried covering a cake with fondant and it worked out great. Also my first time making the wire topper. Finding the right kind of wire is difficult. But this worked well. My original idea for the decorations was pink and brown with flowers on the top tier and a bow. My chocolate fondant didn't work. It was too dry to use, so I changed the whole thing. I love pink and green just as much as pink and brown. The cake inside are new recipes too. A new version of strawberry that is absolutely fabulous, and a chocolate fudge brownie cake on the bottom tier. It is so moist and fudgy. My favorite chocolate cake now. I have two strawberry recipes now. The one I made for this one which is Extremely Strawberry and dark pink, and the Strawberry Delight which has real strawberries and cream cheese. Strawberry Delight is a delicate strawberry flavor, light pink, and the cake is so moist and creamy. It is really my favorite one, but Extremely Strawberry is good too. Well, I'm glad I know I can make one of these cakes now and look forward to the next one. Look at for great designs for your topsy turvy cake order!

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  1. This has to be my favorite... looks like a lot of work.