Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tiki/Luau Cake

This is a full sheet luau cake. It is iced in buttercream with graham cracker crumbs for the beach, and rolled fondant decorations. I am learning that rolled buttercream is too soft to make fondant decorations. It does not set up well at all. Even when it is dry it is still soft. So the palm tree leaves had to be made out of foam. But everything else is made of rolled buttercream.I got to use all of my new gum paste/fondant tools that Josh got me for my anniversary present. He was so sweet and went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a ton of tools and cutters for me. I'm so glad to have his support. Our 6th anniversary is tomorrow. I love you Josh!
Mount Bundt-Cake-atoa!

The tiki masks had to be put on a piece of cardboard so that they would stand up. There are so many skewers behind them it looks like scaffolding! If I had used gum paste they would have dried hard and would have stood up better. They look scary and mean!

The tiki torches were so fun to make . They are just skewers with fondant shaped on the tops. I think these are my favorite thing on the cake.

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